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How To Be a Winner

Everybody wants to be a winner. But  when life throws us a curve (as it often does), there is no need to succumb to feeling of failure. instead of dwelling on past mistakes, sins, and blunders, we can focus on  the things that are right in our lives-especially on our relationship with Jesus Christ. Some times we need to get outside of our self to realize our blessing, Here are just a few things .
Remember your mother on Mother"s Day with more than just a call.
Build up a child.
Take food to a grieving family.


 : Doretha
Hello Everyone, just wanted to check in and do a bit of reporting.I am starting a new chapter in my life . getting ready to hit the big 50. its very exciting and a little bit scary.but change is good and I plan to enjoy it .


Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our first of many post. we are going to introduce you to a wonderful array of information on all things Diva. we  hope that you will enjoy the information that we will provide to you, and we ask for your feedback as well. Our Motto is" Women  Helping Women". so sit back ,relax and enjoy the ride.